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Vapeify offers a wide selection of Vape & Vaping products at the best prices online. Atomizers, Vape E-Juice, Pod vape devices, Cigarillos Electrónicos, resistencia, Jugos de vape, Vaporizador.
Model: 4lt7nbwl
Wotofo Prebuilt Coils (Pack of 10)With machine-accurate wrapping, these prebuilt coils provide convenience to rebuilders who don't like hand-wrapping coils manually.Each pack includes 10 coils.Fused Clapton:Specifications: 0.4 + 0.1/ 26 + 38g - 3mm ID - 0.5ohmsN80 Nichrome Wire Dual Core Fused Clapt..
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Model: trsxdpgw
The Wotofo Profile 24mm RDA is made in collaboration with Mr.JustRight1 to create a highly innovative rebuildable dripping atomizer focusing on flavor featuring an advanced build deck, unique spring-loaded ceramic cotton support system, and a beehive style top cap airflow. Designed in conjunction wi..
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Model: zivmhk2m
Wotofo Profile RDA Mesh Replacement Strip (Pack of 10)Made of Kanthal A1, with an ohm resistance rating of 0.18 ohms. Recommended wattage range of 40W to 60W.10 replacement meshes per pack. Shop The Pre-Built Profile RDA Organic CottonShop The Wotofo Profile 24mm Mesh RDA Features and Specifications..
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Model: 9eoz2o8m
Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm Mesh RTA This rebuildable mesh tank was made based on user suggestions from around the world. The Profile Unity 25mm RTA is a rebuildable mesh atomizer from Wotofo that features a new, more comfortable drip tip design, a leak-proof top cap design, and the simple Profile RDA..
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Model: ueh7ji3q
Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Replacement Glass TubeThis original Wotofo replacement glass is compatible with the Profile Unity RTA. 3.5mL and 5.0mL variants available. Includes 1 replacement glass.  Read More smoant charon baby replacement pod cartridge 2ml Click Here Artery PAL SE Replacement Pod C..
Ex Tax:$4.99
Model: itimqbzr
The Wotofo Elder Dragon 22mm RDA is the latest flavor dripper, implementing a uniquely shaped top cap, a set of 4 dedicated airflow channels, and quad terminal build deck design with squonk BF functionality. The Elder Dragon RDA is a flavor-oriented atomizer, combining many elements to produce condi..
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Model: oq8tbf1h
Wotofo Serpent Elevate 24mm RTA Featuring a breakthrough air direction system to optimize flavor like never before.The Wotofo Serpent Elevate is an advanced rebuildable platform that features an exquisite design and superior construction, an innovative air channel system that optimizes flavor, and c..
Ex Tax:$39.99
Model: 2pn7i223
Wotofo Specialty Wire Spool 20ft For your building needs, Wotofo has an array of wire rolls for crafting any vaping experience you like. Features and Specifications:Fused Clapton Roll - 0.4+0.1/26+38g, Material: N80Dual Core Fused Clapton Roll - 0.4*2+0.13/26G*2+36G, Material: N80Dual Core Fused Cla..
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Model: qyb3wsus
The Wotofo Warrior 25mm RDA is a masterpiece made in collaboration with JMT Elite, featuring a clamp-style two-post build deck, Multihole Beehive Style Airflow, and the option to pair with today's popular squonk mods. JMT Elite is a team of respected builders within the vaping community, working tog..
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Model: yxldbdcj
The Wotofo x Mike Vapes ReCurve DUAL 24mm RDA is a follow-up to the original collaboration with Mike Vapes, updating on the highly praised atomizer with an expansive postless build deck for dual coil configurations and multi-hole slanted side airflow with squonk BF functionality. Formed from durable..
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Model: lckagyvo
Wotofo Xfiber 6mm Organic CottonWick with ease. 100% organic cotton from Wotofo. Unbleached, pesticide free, ready to use with an aglet on one end for easy re-wicking. Larger than the to perfectly fit the Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA. Great absorption and dry burn resistant. Features and Specifications:1..
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