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Pod Cartridges

Cartridges for Vape pen POD Systems.
Model: 8uhhkct0
AIMO Mount Replacement Pod Cartridge (Pack of 1)Original AIMO cartridge compatible with the Mount Pod Device. These cartridges feature a 2.0mL e-liquid capacity and a 1.2ohm ceramic coil. Includes 1 refillable cartridge.   Click For More Offers smok tfv8 baby v2 tank 5ml Description:Click Here Cl..
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Model: pqux52yl
Aspire AVP Replacement Pod Cartridge (Pack of 2)Original Aspire replacement pods compatible with the AVP Pod Device. 2 cartridges included.  Shop Now yftk airlab rm style rda 22mm Description:Click Here Click Here Smok TFV8 baby replacement tube is to refresh the Smok TFV8 baby Click Here Click ..
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Model: 6sw2rn1r
Aspire Breeze 2 Replacement PodThis high capacity pod cartridge was designed for the all-in-one portable vaping device. Installed with theperfect for sub-ohm vaping. 3mL vape juice capacity.1 replacement pod per package.  Check It See More Details smoant knight 80 replacement mesh coil head 3pcs ..
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Model: tfug8r6l
Aspire Cobble Replacement Pod (Pack of 3)These refillable replacement pods from Aspire are designed to work the with compact pod mod. Utilizing a 1.4ohm Nichrome coil these pods are perfect for flavorful nic salt E-Juice vaping. Comes equipped with a 1.8mL maximum vape juice capacity. Includes THREE..
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Model: dtb75alm
Aspire Nautilus AIO Replacement PodThis replacement cartridge from Aspire is designed to work with the Nautilus AIO Ultra-Portable system. Featuring a massive bottom refillable 4.5mL E-Liquid capacity. Compatible with Aspire Nautilus BVC coil system. Designed for fantastic flavor production and MTL ..
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Model: 7s8mzcy9
Aspire Spryte Replacement Pod CartridgeThese refillable Aspire replacement cartridges are designed to work with the Featuring a sizeable 3.5mL capacity with an anti-leak plug, these cartridges are perfect for vaping on the go.Comes with ONE replacement pod per package.  Check It See More Details ..
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Model: z3cq3ivj
Asvape Touch Pod Cartridges (Pack of 3)1.5mL E-Juice capacity. 1.6ohm resistance. 3 cartridges per pack.   Shop Now yftk haku riviera style rdta 22mm Description:Click Here Click Here Horizon Magico vape pod system is constructed with a 1370mAh battery and micro USB port, escorted with numerous p..
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Model: fgh7joo3
Blankz JUUL Compatible Refillable Pods (Pack of 4)These empty refillable cartridges feature a 1mL e-liquid capacity. Recommended for use with nicotine salt e-liquid with 50% PG or higher. Includes 4 cartridges.   Shop Now atvs castle tc mod kit 225w 4ml Description:What you desire in vaping, such..
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Model: k315g9zh
Caesar Pods JUUL Compatible Pods (Pack of 4)Premium E-Juice pods compatible with the JUUL Pod Device. Many great tasting flavors available! Expertly blended for ultimate satisfaction.4 pods per pack. 5% nicotine per pod. Mixed pack contains Mango, Strawberry Watermelon, Fresh Mint and Raspberry Lemo..
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Model: mj7hwjtn
Eonsmoke JUUL Compatible Pods (Pack of 4)These Eonsmoke pods are compatible with the JUUL Pod Device. Some Eonsmoke flavors are made with Natural Areca Nut Alkaloid.Includes 4 pods.   Click For More Offers smok tfv12 prince tank 8ml Description: Purge Mods Slam Piece B5 Mechanical Mod Kit is confid..
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Model: qvo1tgx5
GeekVape Frenzy Replacement Pod Cartridge Original GeekVape pod cartridge compatible with the Frenzy Pod Device.Each package includes 1x refillable cartridge, 1x 0.7ohm NS KA1 Mesh Coil, 1x 1.2ohm NS SS316L Coil. 2.0mL e-liquid capacity Click For More Offers apoc vict pod system 320mah 1 3ml 4 flav..
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Model: bt4tvd0r
Glossy Pods MYLE Compatible Refillable Pods (Pack of 4)These pods feature a 0.9ohm capacity and are compatible with nicotine salt e liquid, sub-ohm salt eliquids, and CBD liquids. Includes 4 coils.   Shop Now atvs sr 11 rta 5ml Again Teel Replacement Pod Cartridge is suitable for Again Teel Vape ..
Ex Tax:$38.99
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