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RDA RTA RDTA Rebuildable Materials

Rebuildable Materials + RDA Supplies, Vape Wire Spool Here in the rebuildable section, you'll find the biggest selection of wires, cotton, and premade coils anywhere on the internet. We carry a wide variety of coils available at the lowest prices. We have everything you need to rebuild your RDA, RDTA, or Rebuildable At
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Coil Master Skynet Coil Kit The Coil Master Skynet 8-in-1 Prebuilt Coils Set is designed for high-performance set-ups within a collection of eight exotic coil configurations in pre-coiled settings that eliminates the hassle of wire building. Each coil is machine-twisted for precise and consistent bu..
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Coil Master Vape BrushThe Vape Brush from Coil Master provides users with an excellent multi-function tool. A dedicated stainless steel wire brush head allows users to clean off coil dirt, remove hot spots from new coils, and clean their build deck of unwanted buildup. The handle of the Coil Master ..
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COTN Lump CottonWicking for days! Enjoy satisfying rebuilding sessions with easy to work with COTN Lump cotton. COTN Lump Cotton gives users a continuous thread of organic cotton in a convenient resealable bag. COTN wicking cotton is made with purely organic cotton perfect for vaping. Features and S..
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Model: zwkroh0q
COTN Threads (Pack of 20 Threads) COTN Threads are an innovative and hassle-free way of wicking your rebuildable vape tanks. With a conveniently resealable package of 20 organic cotton pre-rolled coil wicks, the steps of wicking are more comfortable than ever. Thanks to the cotton being wrapped arou..
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Model: cahmbgdw
Cotton Bacon Prime is the refined cotton wicking material that wicks 33% faster than the original Cotton Bacon by Wick n' Vape.Fastest wicking cotton on the market.Top shelf quality.New.10 4'' strips per bag.  Check It See More Details kangvape anarchist pod system vw starter kit 60w 1500mah 4ml ..
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Model: 9pyjz4tv
GeekVape 6 in 1 Coil PackAlien Coil: 28ga*3+32ga Single Resistance: 0.37ohmDual Resistance: 0.18ohmMaterial: N80 Parameter: Ø3.0 / 5 wraps2pcs Alpha Braid Coil: 26ga+40ga*2(=)*16Single Resistance: 0.32ohmDual Resistance: 0.16ohmMaterial: N80Parameter: Ø3.0 / 6 wraps4 pcs Fused Clapton Coil:26ga*2(KA..
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Model: tp3kt7rm
GeekVape Kanthal A1 Wire Rolls 30ftOriginal GeekVape wire rolls made from Kanthal A1 material. 30ft length. Kanthal A1 26ga:Kanthal A1 material30ft Kanthal A1 28ga:Kanthal A1 material30ft  Check It See More Details vapjoy notch sub ohm tank 4ml 22mm Click Here VAPJOY REENO E3 Pod System Click He..
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Model: 29oq42po
The Authentic GeekVape Ni80 28GA Heating Resistance Wire is perfect for RBA / RTA / RDA atomizers. Made from Ni80 and available in 28GA, 26GA, and 24GA options. Variants Available: 28GA 30ft (0.3mm x 10m)26GA 30ft (0.4mm x 10m)24GA 30ft (0.5mm x 10m) Check It See More Details kangvape slick plus dis..
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Model: im6pih73
GeekVape Wire Rolls 10ftOriginal GeekVape wire rolls with varying specifications. Good for rebuildable projects and coil construction.  10 ft rolls. Kanthal A1 Wire:26ga+32ga10ft N80 Framed Staple Twisted Wire:(26gax2 Twisted + 26GAx2) + 32ga10ft N80 Fused Clapton Wire:26GAx3 + 36GA10ft N80 Fused Cl..
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Model: pgc5a5ux
OFRF nexMESH Rebuildable Mesh Sheet (Pack of 10) | For the Profile RTAOriginal OFRF mesh sheets compatible with the Wotofo Profile 24mm RDA.3 times the mesh density for purer flavor and longer lasting coils. 10 mesh sheets per pack. 0.13ohm resistance.  Check It See More Details vapjoy e cigarette ..
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Model: g8irnpec
Vandy Vape Kanthal Wire 22AWG*15FT Vandy Vape high-quality Kanthal Wire for RDA/RDTA/RTA's. Kanthal 22AWG Features:Kanthal A1 Wire15 Feet Spool1.52Ω / Foot   Check It See More Details vapjoy jellyfish wicking cotton 10 strips Click Here VAPJOY CS4 Charger with 4 non-interfering slots is designed..
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Model: k91ljm18
Vandy Vape Specialty Wire 10ft SpoolVandy Vape pre-made specialty building wire. Each spool is 10ft. Flat Clapton SS316L26AWG*18AWG+32AWG0.73 Ohms Per Foot Flat Clapton KA126AWG*18AWG+32AWG1.16 Ohms Per Foot Fused Clapton KA1 26AWG+2(=)+32AWG1.77 Ohms Per Foot  Fused Clapton SS316L 26ga*2+30ga 1.0 O..
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