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RTA Vape Tanks For Sale + Cheap RTA Decks RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) are among the most popular types of vape hardware today. Using a rebuildable atomizer tank puts you in complete control of temperature, coil materials, and more. RTA's feature a tank to hold E-Liquid, E Juice, and a deck to build on. They provid
Model: 4uvrrd3q
RTA System KitThis is the all new Aspire Triton RTA Kit, intended for use with the newly released Aspire Triton Tank. This kit contains everything you need to build your own coils for your Triton. Please note we recommend this kit for those more experienced vapers.Contents1 x RTA Kit for Aspire Trit..
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Model: 6flzh8z7
The Fuji GTA by Digiflavor is one of the first dynamic Genesis Tank Atomizer platform, integrating a chassis that rivals the best rebuildable systems to date featuring a tank capacity up to 6mL, auxiliary airflow control, and two deck options catering to single coil-centric build or the tried-and-tr..
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Model: 63hrpc6b
GeekVape Zeus X 25mm RTA Designed for RTA enthusiasts. The GeekVape Zeus X is a rebuildable tank atomizer with an upgraded dual-post build deck that is clean and removable and innovative airflow system that optimizes flavor and prevents leakage. This RTA is designed based on suggestions and feedback..
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Model: det9i014
Hellvape Rebirth 25mm RTA The Hellvape is back with a vengeance! Designed by Mikevapes and built by Hellvape, the Rebirth RTA is the pinnacle of rebuildable technology. Veteran vapers know, when it comes to rebuildable atomizers, Hellvape makes the best on the market. Built with a spacious build dec..
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Model: smppv6g2
OFRF Gear 24mm RTA Clean and exquisite. The OFRF Gear RTA is an advanced rebuildable atomizer that features compact dimensions for optimized aesthetics and portability, a simple and significant postless build deck design, and innovative air channels and burns chamber for great hits and lots of flavo..
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Model: am13w572
Vandy Vape KylinM 24mm RTA This RTA from Vandy Vape is designed to exceed the standards of rebuildable vape technology. The Vandy Vape KylinM is an advanced rebuildable atomizer that features a sophisticated top-airflow control system and integrates a spring-loaded clamp-style build deck designed fo..
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Model: quah5h4g
The Kylin V2 RTA by Vandy Vape is the updated rendition to the original combined with elements of the Kylin Mini, presenting an updated postless quad terminal build deck with revamp airflow system and advanced Juice Flow Control. Measuring 24mm in diameter, the Kylin RTA V2 is built with precision m..
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Model: juxcp709
Wismec Theorem 22mm RTAThe Theorem RTA from Wismec was designed in collaboration with JayBo and Suck My Mod. When successful vape companies collaborate it almost always ends up being great, and the Theorem is no exception. Crafted with high quality stainless steel, this RTA is great for users lookin..
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Model: 8dol680q
Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm Mesh RTA This rebuildable mesh tank was made based on user suggestions from around the world. The Profile Unity 25mm RTA is a rebuildable mesh atomizer from Wotofo that features a new, more comfortable drip tip design, a leak-proof top cap design, and the simple Profile RDA..
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Model: sv4y4q0q
Wotofo Serpent Elevate 24mm RTA Featuring a breakthrough air direction system to optimize flavor like never before.The Wotofo Serpent Elevate is an advanced rebuildable platform that features an exquisite design and superior construction, an innovative air channel system that optimizes flavor, and c..
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